Living the beauty in a Tinyhouse

Do you dream of a life in a Tinyhouse? But you don´t really know how to start and to reduce yourself and whether you want to reduce yourself at all? Which Tinyhouse fits to your personality? You´re unsure?

I´m the co-founder of the Tinyhouse Movement in Germany and the expert in the Tiny-Lifestyle. I advise and support you in your specifically request.

Infused Water

is my little water-happiness in everyday life. My passion is to beautify things and this starts with the little things in everyday life that make me feel happier bit by bit. A nice drink conjures a smile on my face and my stomach goes happy too. The great thing about infused water is that it really makes you want to drink a lot! That's why I love to create it.

My minimal kiosk design

on only 0,6 m2

Soft drinks,

design, fashion and liveliness

I brought together on less than one square meter!

The result was a very charming social kiosk in our temporary TinyTown Urania.

It has become the smallest kiosk in Germany with the greatest lifestyle.

Minimal Coaching

You can learn how to live

the beauty

You want to focus your life on what is important and beauty?

Or even want to reduce your live on the essentials?


I accompany you in an individual coaching. This isn´t a therapy. The accompaniment is aimed for all, who feel that they only have this life and want to focus on the essentials.

You get an individual coaching tailored to you and your unique needs.


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