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Living the beauty in a Tinyhouse

You receive an individual consultation, how you can live maximally the beauty in a Tinyhouse. We find out which Tinyhouse-Shape fits to you.

I'll give you valuable tips and instructions how to cook delicious healthy dishes just out of one pot in a tiny kitchen with little effort.

Do you want to look fashionable and minimize your wardrobe? I advise you and show you how you can look great with few things.

Your Tinyhouse needs a warm atmosphere and liveliness? I conjure up a feel-good atmosphere for you. You have other requests? Contact me.

Believe in your dream and make your wish come true.


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on wheels

Research and testliving in a Tinyhouse 

In a Tinyhouse I deloped healthy cuisine for everyone, which comes along without a lot of frills and just cooked out of one pot.

With few steps I created a warm feel good atmosphere.

And because in the Tinyhouse is also not a lot of space in the wardrobe I had to come up with some styling ideas for the few things I had with me.

The photo shows a section of the Tinyhouse aVOID. It is a nine-square-meter minimalist house on wheels. It was designed and engineered by the architect Leonardo Di Chiara in collaboration with the Tinyhouse University. aVOID means reduction to the essentials. 

It is a transformable house that explores and has the focus on the mobility in the small one.

The entire house is designed so that no visual distraction takes place.

It consists out of one room. Painted in delicate grey, it facilitates concentration on the essentials.

It is equipped with all the comfort you need for everyday life (including kitchen and bathroom). It consistently follows the principle "less is more".

The room allows various functions, it can used as a workplace, cinema with friends, fitting room, yoga or relaxation room and living space. Everything is possible there. The fold-out bed for example also works as a sofa or can be extended to a double bed. There is a size-adjustable table that can function both as a work table and as a dining table. The roof can also be used to reside in many ways: sit relaxed in the sun, do stretching exercises, read or even working on the PC is possible up there (it has a plug and USB socket access).


Even the stairs in front of the house can be used not only as a staircase but also as a mini terrace to relax.

I like minimalist spaces which offer a lot of space for inspiration, creativity and enjoyment.

The special becomes visible in front of grey. Grey simply makes other colors and objects shine. Open spaces offering spaces to focus on things, to develop ideas and just to be. Your view can more easily focus on the essentials, on the beauty of life.

And I´m telling you, it works wonderfully!


valuable tips instructions

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