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nimble footed


to wear fashion

with joy

makes a

good mood!


Here you see one example: My "All-Over-Look"

at the Bauhaus Campus: Very simple with great effects.

Tone-in-tone is boring? No way! Monochrome looks are sophisticated! You don´t need to strike 100% the same color. I´ve choose red this time. Right now red is my favorite color. Every other color works wonderfully as well.


This trend doesn´t need much. In this case I´ve even completely waived with accessories.

Monochrome looks are absolute easily and quick to realize.


Write me, if you need your personally consultation.

On this picture you see Mirja. She wanted her personally laid-back

All-Over-Look. And look how cool she is after my Feelgood Styling!

You´re also looking for a new style (casual, cool, chic or for a certain occasion)? You need help with your wardrobe?

Then book me here.

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