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Feelgood Management in the Tinyhouse University


I'm the first Feelgood Manager and Lifestyle Expert for

living the beauty in tiny houses in Europe.

My exploratory intention as the co-founder of our Tinyhouse University sets a language in an experimental and creative way that draws attention to the relevance and beauty of mobility in the smallest part of our lives and can make a big difference from this point of view. 


Our Tinyhouse University is a Berlin collective of architects, designers, social workers, computer scientists, craftsmen, minimalists, educational activists, artists and refugees.


Initiated in 2016 by the Berlin architect Van Bo Le-Mentzel and co-founded by many other people. We aim to develop innovative solutions to the crucial challenges of our future.


From August 2017 to March 2018 the Tinyhouse University was guest at the Bauhaus Archive / Museum of Design. During this time it was part of the Bauhaus Campus in Klingelhöfer Str. 14 in 10785 Berlin.

Our working groups consist of professionals from various industries. We research and work on topics like mobile structures, flexible housing and housing units, transformable furniture, affordable housing and affordable livelihoods, migration areas, legal aspects of small houses, recycling and upcycling, autarky, co-working, permaculture, anthropology, new technologies, social justice and participation, education, democracy, sustainability, reduction to the essentials, natural cycles and art and design in small spaces.

Tinyhouse University creates different models for exploring and developing the various topics in order to open a discussion and to explore and focus on new possibilities. It founded an experimental "Tiny Village" at the Bauhaus Campus. 

We started with the 100 Euro apartment, the New Work Studio, Refunc, ConstructLab, Retreat, Projectcafe Basic Income, aVOID, Holy Foods House, Tiny Flower House , 35Kubik Heimat, House Of Tiny Systems, Tito House and the Design School.

Tinyhouse University's activity also demonstrates how the effects of the "Bauhaus Experiment" extend to our present day. It is combining architecture, craftsmanship and art in an ideal unity. Transdisciplinary the members are studying, designing and living at the campus.

It is inspired by the beauty and visionary radicalism of the Bauhaus and the socio-critical philosophy of Leopold Kohr. His philosophy emphasizes an ecological approach as well as the dignity and the human reason of the individual. He describes that a humane life-world must be structured according to the small dimensions of human being what empowers people to be creative and to shape their own will. Kohrs is the initiator of the movement "Small is beautiful" and illustrates that small is possible and flexible in itself.

Since founding the "Tiny Village" at the Bauhaus Campus, we have been developing other small mobile "Tiny Villages". They are also temporary, grow up and disappear overnight. We research new creative forms of work and life. Follow my work in the most diverse tiny houses and in our various villages on

Instagram and Facebook.



Tinyhouse University

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