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Infused Water


You can put fresh herbs, fresh fruits or vegetables in cold water and wait.

During the cold season I´m using hot water because it warms me up so much.


Some combinations of infused water should even have a particularly positive effect on our body. Lemon for example boosts your energy and is refreshing. It also should push the metabolism and improve digestion. This is especially pleasant in summer.

Mint is said to prevent allergies and beautify our skin. Ginger contains many vitamins and antioxidants. And all the fruits and berries you will add will also sweeten your water.

They provide energy, too. In winter I often use the dried or frozen fruit variant.

Thyme tea I prefer for colds because it’s expectorant and suppresses the cough reflex. ´

I just tried thyme for my infused water too. And it tastes wonderful!


Whatever the effect is, it just looks really nice.


What should I say, give it a try!

The great thing about infused water is that it really makes you want to drink a lot!

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