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Fried egg with carrots and gnocchi

This dish I created one day after New Year's Eve. The supermarkets were closed and I decided just to have a look what’s left in the fridge. There´ve been a half pack of dried gnocchi, eggs and carrots. I also had cress. Then I just decided to fry everything in a pan (8 minutes total preparation time). And yes, everything to roast works well. Try it. You'll be amazed.

Like you see on the picture even a cook failed a fried egg at the beginning of the new year.


½ pack of dried gnocchi


1 medium carrot


2 eggs


some cress

(alternatively chives)


salt, pepper and if you like chilli flakes too


rapeseed oil (you can

also use margarine)

+ Cut the carrot with a vegetable peeler into fine long strips.


+ Add oil in a pan (medium heat).


+ Put the gnocchi, the sliced carrot strips and the 2 eggs next to each other in the pan. Flavor the carrots and eggs with salt and pepper.


+ Put the lid on the pan. Occasionally turn the gnocchi and carrots.



I love the eggs when they still have a light liquid core. This saves a sauce and tastes wonderful.

If the eggs are done (you can test it by carefully picking them with a knife), garnish with cress and if you like with chilli flakes.



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