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Breakfast: fruits on millet

Here is a gluten-free energy breakfast:

Here we go!


+ Cook millet according the instruction on packet.


+ Cut a pear and slice the tangerine (or just take fruits of your choice).


+ Decide for yourself whether you prefer to eat the millet thick or slightly thinner. You can vary the consistency with a little extra hot water. Usually I eat them in a minimalistic way. If you still have some of soy cuisine, cream, plant drink or milk at home you can add it as well. A pinch of cinnamon fits wonderfully. This is great especially in winter, because cinnamon warms you up. And what could be better than to start your day with a hot breakfast in your stomach?


+ Now add the sliced fruits and garnish your millet with some mint. Even without the mint this energy breakfast is delicious.


+ Take a splash of oil and some sweetness above your breakfast. And everything is already. Yay!



1 pear



1 tangerine (or just a whole fruits of your choice)








1 splash of oil

(or choose what you have at home: Linseed oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, walnut oil or hazelnut oil)



possibly maple syrup or honey for sweetening

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