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Be part of it and make a contribution through funding, communication or product development.

Healthy Speed Cooking and Simply Fashion looking forward to future-oriented partners and supporters like companies, professionals, students, institutions and all other interested persons.



Healthy Speed Cooking is a research program of the Tinyhouse University and experiments with minimalist, healthy and sustainable cuisine. It is based on an educational-, sustainability- and cultural-attainment.


The project is concerned with the absolute simplification of cooking. What ensures a healthy eating for everyone whether with a small or large purse.

Minimalistic cooking saves unnecessary work, conserves resources, uses less water consumption and is therefore sustainable and ecological.


Healthy Speed Cooking is innovative, healthy and refreshingly modern!

This nutrition concept takes account to the spirit of the time:

The busy and flexible lifestyle.

It can act as model in the present times challenges.

And Simply Fashion  just shows the joy of fashion. It often doesn´t need much to look fashionable and to feel comfortable in clothes. Simply Fashion is based on a minimalist foundation what can make something magic out of fewest things.

It involves lots of fun and great effects for everyone.


Have I awakened your interest?

Would you like to support Healthy Speed Cooking or Simply Fashion?

You can offer sustainable food, clothing as well as technical sponsorship equipment and materials and promote the program through video.


For questions and ideas please contact me.

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