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Breakfast: oats with fruits

Here is a super-fast start-up breakfast.

Just cooked with the water heater.

Super easy!

Let´s go:

80-100g of fine oats

(I'm not measuring it. I´m just filling a plate full with oats. That's like that amount.)


1 pear


6 physalis (or any fruits of your choice)




1 splash of oil

(or just choose a variety what you have: Linseed oil, olive oil, rapeseed oil, walnut oil, hazelnut oil)


possibly maple syrup or honey for sweetening

+ Boil the water in the water heater.


+ Put oats in a deep plate or a deep bowl.


+ put the hot water over the oats and stir it with a spoon.


+ Cut the fruits of your choice.


+ Now the oats have already been soaked. Stir it again and decide whether you would rather have it thick or slightly thinner. You can vary the consistency with the rest of the hot water. I usually eat them like that, very simple and minimalistic. If you still have some soy cuisine, cream, plant drink or milk at home you can also add it.


+Put the sliced fruits over your oats and garnish them with some mint. If you have no mint just leave it out. It still tastes wonderful.


+ With a splash of oil and a little sweetness you can flavor your breakfast and

tadaaa, it´s ready!

(4 minutes total preparation time)

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