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Vegan pepper and carrot pasta

This dish was created after a long day of work. I didn´t have any time to go shopping and I didn´t feel like to cook. We all know these situations. So I looked what food I had left in the Tinyhouse. There were carrots, peppers, parsley, soy cuisine, pasta and of course almonds. I almost always have almonds in the house. They are just perfect for vegan pasta. So I decided to eat vegan pasta with carrots and peppers.

(9 minutes preparation time)

2-3 hands full

of spelled noodles

(4-6 minutes cooking time)


1 medium carrot


1 small to medium sized






1 lemon


Soy Cuisine (Sodium Cre Soy)


grounded and chopped almonds


salt, pepper, chilli flakes


+ Boil saltwater, then cut the carrot into thin strips with a vegetable pealer and cut the peppers into very fine strips with a knife. Chop the parsley. Halve the lemon.


+ Put the pasta, the peppers and the carrots side by side in the boiling water, so that they are just so covered by the boiling water. Carefully stir the pasta.


+ If the noodles are al dente, pour the water not completely away. Add 10-20ml soy cuisine to the noodles and stir gently.


+ Flavor everything with salt, pepper, chilli flakes and a little lemon juice and stir the three parts separately. Then garnish with parsley and the chopped and grounded almonds. (If you like it a little saltier, you can put some more salt over the almonds, or you can mix the two almonds with a touch of salt in a jar, so you always have a small almond mixture for fast vegan pasta.)



Enjoy your meal!

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