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Zucchini and salmon pasta

Tip: It makes sense to have always quick-cooking spelled pasta at home. (You can also take any other type of pasta just have a look at a quick cooking time.)

Besides pasta, I always have parsley, lemons, soy cuisine, salt, pepper, pink pepper berries and chopped and grounded almonds at home.

If you have these basic ingredients you just need to buy the salmon and zucchini and get started:

2-3 hands full of spelled pasta depending on your appetite

(4-5 minutes pasta)


1 pack of (organic) salmon slices


1 zucchini (small to medium sized)





Soy Cuisine (alternatively cream)


salt, pepper

pink pepper berries


some chopped and grounded almonds (alternatively Parmesan or other cheese)

+ Boil water for pasta. If you do not use a coated pot you can even use your fork for stirring and later eat out of the pot. This saves unnecessary washing up.


+ Peel the zucchini with the vegetable peeler into thin strips. It is important that you cut them thin, that´s the key of fast cooking.


+ Now cut the parsley and split the lemon in half.


+ Boil salt water and put the pasta in. Just in that way that the pasta is just covered with water. You don´t need tons of water. Stir the pasta.


+ Roll up the sliced salmon into individual rolls. Then stir the pasta again.


+ Put the zucchini strips on top of the pasta. Now close the lid for 2 minutes.


+ Drain the pasta water roughly (do not drain completely). Just make it so that the water no longer flows in streams out of the pot and drips only slightly.


+ Then put a quarter (about 50ml) of soy cuisine and a little lemon juice in the pot.

(Tip: if you are expressing the lemon with your hand over pasta and zucchinis you don´t need an extra lemon squeezer.


+ Add salt and pepper and stir everything in the pot over medium heat.


+ Then place the salmon rolls on top and drizzle with a few drops of lemon. 1 minute put the lid on the pot

and tataaa, everything is done! Garnish only with parsley, some chopped and grounded almonds and pink pepper berries. Enjoy your meal!

(12 minutes total preparation time)

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